Basic Japanese OTG

Japanese language learning App for beginners.

This is an app that teaches basic knowledge of Japanese language. It is mainly for beginners in Japanese learning. This app is a short and easy collection of basic greetings, phrases, etc. Recommended for beginners to learn Japanese.

Android(Google play)iOS(App Store)

Gojūon OTG

A Japanese alphabet learning app.

A Gojūon learning app(Japanese alphabet).
Trainings included are as below:
Rōmaji → Hiragana 
Hiragana → Rōmaji
Rōmaji → Katakana
Katakana → Rōmaji 
Hiragana → Katakana
Katakana→ Hiragana

Android(Google play)iOS(App Store)

Hangul OTG

A Korean alphabet learning app.

Training included are as below:
Single vowels ↔ Latin alphabet
Double vowels ↔ Latin alphabet
Single consonants ↔ Latin alphabet
Double consonants ↔ Latin alphabet
Hangul table chart ↔ Latin alphabet

Android(Google play)iOS(App Store)